Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data.

Authentication through the use of biometrics is becoming increasingly commonplace in enterprise and public security systems, consumer electronics and point of sale applications for the principal reason that it requires the person to be identified to be physically present at the time of authentication.

what we do


CIC Technologies has an integrated biometrics-enabled solution that achieves long distance identification. Interoperable, non-stop, Long Range Identification entry system will:

  • Provide definitive real-time identification of subject(s) in moving vehicle from long range distance 5-400 meters
  • Use processing software that easily integrates with existing DOD software
  • Protect our assets, facilities and forces
  • Enhance national security and global safety​​

virtual door

Virtual Door is the "Internet of Things (IoT)", a secure, distance-based communication subsystem which uses a multi-factor Identification Device using standard access control methodologies.  

Baseline devices include a card reader unique to each individual, a touch fingerprint reader, and a keypad to enter an identifying password or PIN.  Other biometric options would include facial recognition, or iris.  The combination of a card reader, password and biometric technology provides for a more secure and superior technology.

CIC products are focused on providing non-contact biometrics to our customers.  CIC products increase customer revenue by eliminating unauthorized entry and providing the lowest lifecycle cost. We market to companies that control access to their facility, have a high volume of traffic, and that would benefit from identifying those people. Examples include manufacturing, commercial, or government facilities with access control needs. Entrance gates at military bases and buildings, nuclear facilities, customs and border control, and other sensitive areas can be secured using our product(s). 

Competing commercial products have a range of 3 to 5 meters and require good lighting and weather conditions.  Our products uses infrared illumination and infrared cameras that work from 5 to 400 meters in poor weather conditions and compensates for windshield glass and glare to capture facial images at up to 25 mph.


virtual Face

Virtual Face is a CIC software that will work on existing cameras (given the resolution is sufficient), identifying one person, or multiple people at a distance in real time.

Virtual Face can be used to assist to:

  • Control employee access.  Verify employees are entering the premises and reduce "sharing" of credentials for unauthorized access.
  • Identify "unwanted" individuals from a distance in seconds before they enter a site.
  • Enhance the security of a facility.